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Since the day we opened our doors, NextDesk began laying the foundation that would change the desk industry — an industry that hadn’t changed much in about 500 years. We constantly meet our own high demands and have a definite idea about who we are and how to approach things. As a result, despite what others may be doing, we at Nextdesk seeks to stretch boundaries and we’re committed to continual improvement.

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Asking The Right Questions

Redefining the Desk

We had to reimagine every aspect of the conventional human desk — how it's built, how you use it, and it’s remarkable power to change — not only in its own form, but to change you as well. We were breaking new ground with the adjustable height desk, and so of course people had a lot of questions:

  • Can NextDesk improve my health?

  • Can NextDesk make me more productive?

  • Can NextDesk help me feel better?

  • Can NextDesk give me more energy?

  • Can NextDesk help me live longer?

You can feel it for yourself: sitting for hours does not feel natural — you get restless, uncomfortable, and sleepy. Great scholars and creative thinkers of the past knew that the key to health and production was standing up: Thomas Jefferson, Hemingway, and Charles Dickens were just a few brilliant minds who used standing desks themselves. However, over the years, the importance of standing and moving seemed to get lost — buried no doubt by texts, tweets, typing, and surfing.

The NextDesk adjustable height desk is changing all of that, Bringing back the freedom to move. The typical adjustable height desk is unsightly, with exposed motors, wires, and sometimes even gears. NextDesk maintains a modern, even minimalist look while completely hiding from view the advanced motors and machinery that provide its amazing power. This adjustable height desk is the result of years of hard work, innovation, and an obsessive attention to detail.

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Mission Statement & Core Values

The NextDesk mission is to create an easy to use, functional and flawless health protective lifestation (also known as your desk.) These adjustable height desks will not only improve health and wellness, but also change the way we engage in the world around us. As a company, we value:

  • A client focused relationship

  • Creativity

  • The ability to change

  • Loyalty, openness, and honesty

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The NextDesk Difference

We've selected only the finest materials including natural bamboo and aircraft grade solid aluminum. All telescoping adjustable columns are built with dual 18 volt motors and microprocessor-controlled chain drive systems. In short, we take the time, the materials, and the energy to do it right. Most manufacturers purchase existing adjustable height desks from Chinese manufacturers and rebrand them. The end result is a product that's loud, jerky, and in some cases an eyesore. Many are made of MDF (particle board), laminate, and lightweight stamped metal. MDF is known to contain harmful toxins like formaldehyde. But you can rest assured that your NextDesk adjustable height desk has never seen formaldehyde pressed wood products or solvent base paints. Each NextDesk is made with sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials like natural bamboo and recycled aluminum.

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NextDesk Custom Solutions

What began as a simple idea to create an ergonomic desk quickly lead to something a bit more complex—an adjustable height desk with powered telescoping integrated columns. Technical language aside, NextDesk is now known as a leading innovator in the design and manufacture of power adjustable height desks.

NextDesk never ceases to find imaginative solutions for any and all requests. That's why 60% of our products are custom solutions. Whether you are looking for a single adjustable height desk for a home office, or a perhaps a custom solution for a Fortune 500, NextDesk delivers.

The result is a more satisfied customers and a design and feature set that is unparalleled in the ergonomic and adjustable height desk industry. If you have suggestions or comments, please let us know by visiting our contact page.

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Find NextDesk on the Map

Located 26 miles north of the state's capital, Georgetown, Texas is our home. CNN-Money named Georgetown number two on the "100 Best Places to Live and Launch" list. All of the NextDesk adjustable height desks are designed and manufactured right here in the heart of Texas. Georgetown is an inspiring new business sector, an up and coming place to launch a company, and not to mention, a simply beautiful place to live and work.

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