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Find out how an adjustable height desk will change your life for the better. For the first time ever, it’s now possible to enjoy your modern lifestyle while rewarding your mind, body and soul.

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Adjustable. Stylish. Smart.

Adjustable Height Design at its Best

NextDesk designers had one thing in mind—create an attractive, sleek, and modern power adjustable height desk that moves seamlessly and quietly from sitting to standing. While other desks struggle to hide their many wires, motors, and gears, NextDesk designed for both form and function.

Made with sustainable materials like natural bamboo and recycled aluminum, NextDesk features a state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled lift system that moves the desk surface up and down in seconds. Transitions are so smooth you won’t ripple your morning cup of coffee and so quiet that no one will notice.

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Driven by Detail

Setting the New Standard

The ability to quickly adjust height comes with none of the bulk or clutter you’d expect in an adjustable height desk. NextDesk is modern, even minimalist, with all of the function and capabilities that you could ever want. But NextDesk is more than visually stunning. All materials were carefully selected to meet the highest quality and environmental standards. Although particle board and MDF are harmful to people and the environment, they are still found in more than 93% of desks.

NextDesk has taken a different path by selecting highly sustainable materials like natural bamboo and recycled aluminum. Although aluminum is 3-4 times more expensive than steel, the decision to use solid aluminum was an easy one. Recycled aluminum uses just 5% of the energy required to make new aluminum, with no difference in quality or strength. Aluminum has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal, is non-corrosive and looks amazing in a variety of colors.

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Graceful Movements

Smooth, Quiet Height Adjustments in Seconds

In the refinement of the adjustable desk, NextDesk left no stone unturned. Simply press one of the soft touch buttons and watch your NextDesk glide smoothly and silently from your typical office desk to a standing desk in seconds. NextDesk starts each movement slowly and gently glides to a stop when complete. No jerking. No jolting. You won’t have to pause what you’re doing or even worry about spilling your morning coffee. Plus, the NextDesk makes each transition quietly, so you won't interrupt your neighbors.

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Built to Your Specs

Choose a Custom Shape, Size, Color, and Add Smart Options

NextDesk is available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. As a U.S.-based manufacturer, NextDesk can custom-build a desk to suit your unique space and style.

One of the newest options is the NextSpace 6-way keyboard platform. Based on years of ergonomic research, NextSpace maximizes desk space while helping you achieve the perfect keyboard placement at any position. With the optional Vanity Cover and Integrated Cable Management Raceway, cable clutter is a thing of the past. The optional Integrated Power Management provides premium power protection for all of your important electronic equipment and connected devices.

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Beautiful Inside & Out

Adjustable Height Desk Columns with Style and Function

Unlike other adjustable desks, NextDesk keeps every motor, gear, and wire completely hidden in a lifting column that blends seamlessly with the design. The obvious benefit is that your desk looks gorgeous, clean and uncluttered at all positions. It also means that mechanical parts such as motors and microchips are fully protected from dust and moisture.

That's a good thing because these internal parts are very important. Cleverly disguised inside each of our adjustable height columns are powerful 18 volt DC motors that work seamlessly in tandem to provide the fastest lifting and lowering of any adjustable height desk on the market. The best-in-class performance is a smooth and virtually silent 1.7 inches per second.

NextDesk opted to use drive chains like those found in automobile engines. Essential when power delivery and reliability are critical, chains cannot slip and cause uneven lifting like the belts found on some entry level products. Not only are chains physically efficient, but also virtually silent and wear at a much slower rate.

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Freedom of Movement & Style

A Height Adjustable Desk that is Uniquely You

Brushed natural aluminum offers a distinction and simplicity that blends seamlessly with this age of technology. But some settings simply call for the purity of white or the boldness of black. That’s why in addition to our natural brushed aluminum, you can now select Arctic White or black for your NextDesk. You won't have to compromise your safety or the environment because NextDesk doesn’t use solvent-based paints on any of our adjustable height desks. NextDesk only uses dry powder coating, an advanced environmentally friendly color process. NextDesk is designed to make an impact on your life, not the environment.

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