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In today’s digital world sitting for hours has become part of our modern lifestyle. The problem is our bodies aren’t designed to sit for hours. Our bodies are built for standing. During most of the last 2,000 years, we foraged for food, we tended crops, and we hunted – spending almost all of our time standing... Read Full Transcript


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Live a Longer, Happier Life

There’s a reason there are so many standing desk benefits. In the modern world we live in, sitting for long hours is the norm. The time spent typing, surfing, tweeting, and consuming mass amounts of digital content is incredible. During a typical day, Americans spend as much as 95% of the day sitting. But our bodies aren't designed to sit for hours on end. We are meant to be in motion.

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The Evolution of Sedentary

If we look at the type of work our fathers did, it was very physical.
Today our lives are very sedentary.

All of this sitting is taking a toll on our health. Studies show that spending 1-2 hours at the gym per day doesn't offset the damage done by sitting. At some point we need to make a change. And change starts with movement. NextDesk is a secret to health, wellness and weight loss.

There’s a long list of standing desk benefits that are proven beyond a doubt. Researchers recommend that people get out of their chair and move as often as possible to preserve their health. Standing for just 5-10% of your day can keep you healthier, happier and more productive. But in our technology driven world, many of us are required to remain at a desk for long hours. So if you need to move, why shouldn’t your desk move with you? NextDesk provides you with the freedom to sit or stand throughout your day. Repeated worldwide studies support the benefits of alternating between sitting and standing during the day.

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Increase Energy. Reduce Fatigue.

Sitting at your computer for a long period of time can exhausting and even painful at times. Just think about a typical day at work: after about 20 or 30 minutes of staying in the same seated position, your muscles start to cramp and blood flow slows, leaving you feeling restless and uncomfortable.

Researchers from the University of Missouri found that too much sitting is a direct cause of weight gain. It turns out that the enzyme responsible for burning fat shuts down as soon as we take a seat. Sitting leads to increased obesity, lower HDL, and an overall reduction in our metabolic rate. Your body burns just one calorie per minute when you’re sitting down - that’s less than chewing a piece of gum. So what can you do? Change your working position between standing and sitting throughout the day, by walking, stretching, and using an adjustable height desk or standing desk. Recent research is telling us there are many benefits standing desk benefits. In studies, those who do take breaks from sitting with standing desks or treadmill desks had smaller waist circumferences, lower body mass indexes, and reduced levels of triglycerides and glucose in their bloodstreams. In short, they were healthier and fitter than their sitting coworkers.

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So why do all the standing desk benefits make such a big difference in weight and overall health? It isn’t just the standing that’s the key. It’s the movement between both sitting and standing. This is why an adjustable height desk is especially beneficial. When you alternate between sitting and standing, you rev up your metabolism and burn more calories, even when you are sitting. Humans burn an extra 60 calories per hour when standing. Over time, standing for just two hours a day can help lose up to 20 pounds per year. An adjustable height desk will make you fitter, more energetic, and can even reduce your risk of major diseases.

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Reduce Risk of Major Diseases

Physiologists analyzing obesity, heart disease, and diabetes found that by simply sitting down you shut off the circulation of a fat-absorbing enzyme called lipase. When you stand, however, your muscles are engaged and lipase is distributed, which tells your body to go ahead and process fat and cholesterol. They also found that using tools like an adjustable height desk throughout the day provides some key standing desk benefits. Standing up uses blood glucose and may discourage the development of diabetes.

That's right -- the time you sit in your chair, the time you spent reading this, could be keeping your body's fat burning in park. More than 47 million adults in the United States have metabolic syndrome, which causes obesity, diabetes and heart disease—simply from sitting too much.

Experts recommend getting up and moving around as often as you can during the workday, but what about those hours you have to spend at your desk? That’s where the NextDesk adjustable height desk comes in. Standing up for just 5-10 minutes every hour can reduce fatigue, reduce the risk of major diseases, and even prolong your life, with a simple touch of the height adjustable controller on a NextDesk.

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Extend Your Life

Perhaps this sounds dramatic, but it is no joke: an adjustable height desk could literally add years to your life. The statistics speak for themselves. Recent research has found if you sit more than 3 hours per day, you are likely to die earlier. If you sit 6 or more hours you have a 37% increase risk of mortality. Using an adjustable height desk, standing, and moving for just a few minutes each hour can make all the difference. With power adjustable height at the touch of a button, the NextDesk adjustable height desk might just change your life and even make it longer.

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Increase Productivity. Get More Done

Experts recommend getting up and moving around throughout the day, but sometimes during intensive work periods, it can seem impossible to step away from your desk, even for a sip of water. But with the NextDesk you can take physical breaks without even looking away from your task. In the modern world, your desk is more than just a workspace. It’s almost like your second home. So why not go ahead and make yourself comfortable—and more productive? An adjustable height desk allows you to do just that. You can sit or stand to improve circulation and decrease fatigue. After a few days, you’ll notice sharper focus and if you’re like most, you’re getting many more standing desk benefits.

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Reduce Sitting. Reduce Aches & Tension.

Do you suffer from backaches or tension? Can you feel it right now? It’s no surprise if you do. Americans spend up to 90% of their waking hours just sitting. In fact, office and administration employees spend approximately 80,000 hours of their working life sitting down. Kind of makes you want to stand up, doesn’t it?

The practical solution is to alternate between standing and sitting and prevent the problems before they arise. With an adjustable height desk you can adopt a regular stand and sit routine to relieve stress on your spine and keep you cardiovascular system going strong, strengthen your muscles, and reduce the risk of spinal shrinkage. Alternating positions relieves strain on individual body parts and relaxes your neck, shoulders and back. And when you do move your NextDesk into the seated position, you’ll actually feel relaxed.

Active Desk Benefits

Change Positions. Change Your Life.

Studies show that sedentary work makes the muscle of the back the weakest part of the body. Changing your body positions with an adjustable height desk can have many positive standing desk benefits:

  • Increased use of abdominal muscles

  • Increased use of back muscles

  • Increased use of the lower extremity

  • Activation of musculature

  • Improved coordination

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