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NextDesk CrossOver

The NextDesk CrossOver is a genuine CrossOver artist, combining the genes of a modern power-adjustable standing desk with your existing desk.

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Introducing the

NextDesk CrossOver

The CrossOver is the world’s first power adjustable hybrid solution for existing desks. With the press of a button, the CrossOver automatically raises and lowers for the perfect ergonomic height for sitting or standing. Enjoy up to 21 inches of vertical height over your existing desk without clunky scissor lifts, hand cranks or hand brakes.

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Stir your soul with unique, sustainable materials.

From the solid aluminum frames to your choice of natural Bamboo or Rubberwood surfaces, Crossover standing desks are built with the finest sustainable materials.

CrossOver offers solid natural Bamboo for elegant warmth with exceptional durability. Bamboo is the most easily replenished and sustainable material on the planet. 40% harder than oak and 2.5 times more dimensionally stable, bamboo provides an ideal writing surface.

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Technical Sophistication

The CrossOver is the perfect synthesis of precision engineering and ergonomic design. CrossOver moves effortlessly with an powerful 24 volt motor, zooming up and down with the press of a button.

The world’s first push-button electric design delivers effortless and efficient operation. Sophisticated and reliable, the powerful 24 volt electric motor provides exceptional lifting capacity and range.

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At NextDesk, design knows no boundaries.

One of the greatest strengths of NextDesk is the ability to constantly reinvent the standing desk. Case in point: the latest development converts any existing desk into a modern power-adjustable workstation.

The original NextDesk was launched over three years ago. NextDesk has always power-adjustable desks as a separate, stand-alone entity. But in a real world that is often limited by space, money or corporate policy, there was perfect place for Crossover.

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NextDesk Crossover Stability

Maximum Power. Maximum Stability.

Mechanical tabletop sit-to-stand converters struggle when lifting heavy loads and compromise safety. CrossOver standing desks feature a lifting capacity up to 100 pounds without a hitch. Supporting single or double monitors, CrossOver is designed to use an existing monitor stands or attach directly to the lifting column. Set your VESA mount compatible monitor at the perfect height thanks to four different level options.

Movement Crossover Adjustable Desk

Movement: The Elixir of Life

People spend a major portion of their life at the office, and most of that time is spent sitting in a chair. To combat the myriad of health issues that come with a sedentary lifestyle, we designed and crafted the CrossOver. It’s the easy and affordable hybrid desk that will improve health and increase productivity. Studies show that standing desks can increase energy, improve focus and help you burn more calories. Use your CrossOver for a year, and you’ll burn as many calories as running 10 marathons! In addition, studies show that alternating between sitting and standing throughout your day can reduce your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. Stand up for health. Now it’s as simple as pressing a button to move effortlessly between sitting or standing.

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