Nature does it best.

NextDesk Encore

A standing desk that is just as beautiful as nature intended. Introducing the NextDesk Encore™.

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Remarkable, Repurposed Materials

NextDesk Encore is the world’s first standing desk to feature genuine Rubberwood desktops. NextDesk went back to the source for this stunningly original desktop that looks and feels much like Oak. Mother Nature is the master of design and Rubberwood brings a warm, natural style to any office.

Rubberwood is the product of the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis), which is grown as a source for natural rubber. The trunks of rubber trees produce latex that is used to make rubber. After the trees reach about 30 year of age, latex production declines. The Rubberwood is then harvested and new trees are planted. The harvesting and use of Rubberwood is modern development which is a major improvement over the earlier practice of burning the aging trees. Despite its common name, Rubberwood isn’t any more elastic or soft than comparable hardwoods such as ash or maple.

The solid wood desktop is protected by the latest in UV-cured coating technology that allows the natural life of the wood to shine through. This solvent-free finish is hard, durable, and odor-free, making it the perfect choice for an Encore Rubberwood desktop.

nextdesk encore standing desk

Advanced Power Adjustable Height

Each Encore features a state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled lift system that moves the desktop up and down quickly and quietly. The Encore moves at a best-in-class 1.5 inches per second. Equally impressive is the fact that these advanced motors are seamlessly concealed inside the desk columns and out of sight. Simply press one of the soft touch buttons and watch your NextDesk Encore glide smoothly and silently from your typical office desk to a standing desk in seconds. NextDesk Encore starts each movement slowly and gently glides to a stop when complete. No jerking. No jolting. You won’t have to pause what you’re doing or even worry about spilling your morning coffee. Plus, the NextDesk Encore makes each transition quietly, so you won't interrupt your neighbors.

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Digital LED Memory Controller

Thanks to soft touch convex and concave buttons, there's no need to interrupt what you're doing to change your position. Now adjustments can be made by simply feeling the correct button. And once you've found that perfect height for sitting or standing, getting back to it couldn't be easier, thanks to three programmable memory buttons. Perfect for multiple users, a clear LED digital display lets you know the exact position of your NextDesk Terra. With 267 different positions, you and anyone lucky enough to borrow your NextDesk Terra are sure to find the perfect height for any task.

encore controller

Finest, Repurposed Materials

With two desktop material choices, both recycled from a renewable resource, you can’t go wrong. Rubberwood is a hard wood with a warm, beautiful grain. Traditionally this wood is burned after the rubber tree stops producing latex, but by repurposing this dense wood that is highly resistant to warping and cracking, NextDesk is giving it a second life. Wheatboard is composed of wheat stalks. Typically this renewable resource was discarded or burned, but now we manufacture it into a smooth and strong desktop with an eye-popping design. Not only does wheatboard reduce forest clear-cutting, air pollution and landfill use, it also has a classy look akin to granite. Using wheatboard and rubberwood for the Encore™ alone has saved half a million pounds of materials yearly from a landfill.

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Easy on the Environment

One of the greatest environmental challenges facing the furniture industry today is the use of formaldehyde in pressed-wood furniture. Approximately 90% of office furniture is made from pressed-wood products and covered with laminate or veneer. NextDesk has taken a much different approach. NextDesk makes each desktop with a natural, solid material.

Each desktop is fully encapsulated with a UV-cured solvent-free finish so there are no harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) to pollute the air in your home or office. There are no foul odors when you open up the box. There are no fumes that can lead to headaches or worse. The innovative UV coating also helps bring out the natural splendor and warm earth tone hues of the rubberwood. In addition, NextDesk Encore is made in the USA for better quality control and monitoring.

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