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L-Series Standing Desks

L-Series Standing Desks

Now available in your choice of either natural bamboo or solid aluminum, the Custom L Series NextDesk offers a spacious desktop area with up to 250% more surface area than a typical standing desk. Custom design your own standing L desk to fit your office, space, and lifestyle.

From the solid aluminum frames to your choice of natural Bamboo or Rubberwood surfaces, Xdesk L-series standing desks are built with the finest sustainable materials. L-desk offers solid natural Bamboo for elegant warmth with exceptional durability. Bamboo is the most easily replenished and sustainable material on the planet. 40% harder than oak and 2.5 times more dimensionally stable, bamboo provides an ideal writing surface.

The L-desk is the perfect synthesis of precision engineering and ergonomic design. Xdesk moves effortlessly with an powerful 24 volt motor, zooming up and down with the press of a button.

Xdesk L-Series

Maximum Power. Maximum Stability.

NextDesk makes hand-crafted custom L-shaped power-adjustable desks in a virtually unlimited number of sizes and styles only limited by your imagination. Looking for a custom NextDesk designed just for your office or space? No problem. Looking for a custom bamboo stain to match existing furniture? Done.

"The Mercedes-Benz of standing desks, made in the good ol' USA using sleek with sustainable materials such as natural bamboo and recycled aluminum." More

The Core of our Design Philosophy

The Core of our Design Philosophy

Seeing one of our L series desks with the Artisan bar will likely invoke feelings you get from seeing a work of art. The Artisan bar is our latest patent pending design. What makes it so unique is the sculpted aluminum beauty and shifting light reflections as the brushed aluminum catches the light.

The dramatic distinction offered by the Artisan bar didn’t come easily. Aluminum alloys are used in aerospace for their high strength to weight ratio. Steel would have been a much easier choice. But NextDesk industrial designers insisted on recycled aluminum to retain the natural beauty and sustainability. Conventional approaches to bending steel would fracture or distort the aluminum, damaging the grain structure beyond repair.

"Air earned a rare 100/100 vertict and
coveted Kick Ass! award." More

Xdesk L-Series

Patent Pending Design

Every Custom NextDesk L features a solid recycled aluminum frame available in five unique finishes. We are often asked why NextDesk chose aluminum when steel is much cheaper. That's because no other material in the world compares to aluminum when it comes to strength, sustainability and visual beauty.

Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the earth's crust and recycled aluminum uses just 5% of the energy required to make new aluminum, with no change in quality. It has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal, it is non-corrosive, and let’s face it, it looks awesome when it's brushed and anodized.

"The Encore is beautiful. Everyone who has come into my house over..." More

Inspired Iconic Design

Inspired Iconic Design

There’s more to creating standing desks with soul than simply sculpting the physical form. We seek something that exudes the vitality of a living being. Xdesk creates soul through its quest to capture the dynamic beauty of life beyond the confines of conventional design.

A carefully designed human-machine interface makes your standing desk a more enjoyable experience. Press a button and watch Xdesk glide effortlessly from sitting to standing height in seconds. With over 100 possible sitting and standing positions, the perfect ergonomic position is just seconds away.

Press a soft touch button and watch Xdesk L-Shaped standign desks glide effortlessly from sitting to standing height in seconds. With over 100 possible sitting and standing positions, the perfect ergonomic position is just seconds away.

Xdesk Air Pro

Silky Smooth Transitions

Highly efficient and virtually silent, Xdesk adjusts faster than any desk before it. Each silky smooth transition appears effortless and controlled as the desktop moves at an amazing 1.5 inches per second. This best-in-class lifting speed is made possible by an 18 volt DC motor and an advanced microprocessor controller. Both speed and proximity of each actuator are precisely measured and adjusted many times each second. The result is perfect harmony.

A desk should be much more than metal and wood. It should evoke movement while adding warmth only possible with genuine materials like natural bamboo and aluminum. Seeing Xdesk for the first time should invoke feelings you get from seeing a work of art. Xdesk delivers a confident demeanor and showcases an outward expression of strong character.

A tradition of old world craftsmanship is a critical element in the artistry. Breathing life into the desk creates an emotional bond between owner and their desk. From the moment you unwrap your Xdesk, you’ll sense our passion and commitment to the art of creating desks with soul. Its sculpted beauty and shifting reflections as it catches the light creates an irresistible urge to enjoy it.

Design with Passion

Design with Passion

In the refinement of the desk, Xdesk left no stone unturned. Simply press one of the soft touch buttons and Xdesk glides smoothly and silently from the sitting to standing position in seconds. Transitions are so smooth you won’t ripple your morning cup of coffee and so quiet that no one will notice.

Xdesk selects only sustainable materials like natural bamboo and recycled aluminum. Recycled aluminum uses just 5% of the energy required to make new aluminum, with no difference in quality or strength. Aluminum has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal and can be anodized to provide a beautiful yet hard scratch resistant surface.

The state-of-the-art microprocessor starts each movement slowly and gently glides to a stop when complete. No jerking. No jolting. All-new internal glide pads reduce friction to ensure there are no distracting oscillations, vibrations or sounds. There’s no bulk or clutter you’d expect in a power adjustable desk. While other desks struggle to hide their many wires, motors, and gears, Xdesk engineers cleverly hid the motors inside the lifting columns eliminating the bulky motor housing. Designed for form and function, Xdesk is dynamic without being extravagant. Modern, yet understated.

"...there's no other sit/stand desk we've used that was this well made..." More