NextDesk Terra

The NextDesk Terra power adjustable height desk features a solid bamboo surface that combines elegant warmth with exceptional durability. Available in three surface colors and five aluminum frame finishes.

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NextDesk Terra Model

NextDesk Air

The NextDesk Air power height adjustable desk features a solid aluminum top that's so amazingly thin it appears to float on air. Machined from a solid piece of aluminum, the air is available in three colors including anodized aluminum.

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NextDesk Air Model

NextDesk Terra Pro

The NextDesk Terra Pro is our inventory of what’s technically possible. Comebined with the Terra™ styling, the Terra Pro is dynamic without being over the top. Bold without being ostentatious. In short, there’s a refined and uncluttered balance.

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Adjustable Height Conference Table

NextDesk Air Pro

The NextDesk Air Pro is our inventory of what’s technically possible. With a bold, expressive design, the Air Pro delivers more power, more stability, and increased weight capacity.

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Adjustable Height Conference Table

NextDesk Up

The NextDesk Up fixed height standing desk is now available. With its natural bamboo surface and aluminum frame, it provides the same style of the Terra, but in a fixed height desk. Available in three colors and in widths of 36", 48" & 63".

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NextDesk Standing Desk Model

NextDesk Solo

The NextDesk Solo power adjustable height desk is the perfect solution for small spaces. Commonly found in compact offices, apartments or students' rooms, this desk features a single, wall-mounted height adjustable lifting column with more than 200 height options at the press of a button.

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NextDesk Solo Model

NextDesk Custom

NextDesk makes hand-crafted custom power adjustable desks in an unlimited number of shapes, sizes, styles, colors and stains. Our most popular custom adjustable height desks are L-shaped and U-shaped, but your NextDesk design is only limited by your imagination.

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Custom Standing Desk Shape

NextDesk Conference

One of the latest innovations from NextDesk is the adjustable height conference table. Imagine taking all the benefits of NextDesk and applying it to groups. Companies everywhere are finding that stand up meetings are shorter and more productive.

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Adjustable Height Conference Table

NextDesk Fit

We’ve combined the beauty, sophistication, and advanced technology of NextDesk with a best-in-class treadmill. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who wants to exercise while working. We didn’t make the first treadmill desk (credit to Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic), but we did make the treadmill better.

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NextDesk Fit Model

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