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A desk is no longer a mass of metal and wood. NextDesk breaks out of conventional design to create a desk with soul. And along the way, we are shaping a future in which standing desks, people, and the environment can exist in harmony.

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"A great way to boost your health is to stand up...your workbench is the nucleus of your office — invest in quality. This sleek stand-out is easy to adjust up and down, and it's natural bamboo surface is a reminder of what some ergonomic furniture makers have forgotten, a desk should be beautiful."

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Breathing Life Into the Desk.
The Core of our Design Philosophy.

Standing Desks That are Different

Its sculpted beauty and shifting reflections as it catches the light creates an irresistible urge to enjoy it. A desk should be much more than metal and wood. Proper standing desks should evoke movement while adding the warmth only possible with genuine materials like bamboo and aluminum.

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Design with Passion Makes a Desk with Soul

A More Enjoyable Standing Experience

There’s more to creating standing desks with soul than simply sculpting the physical form. We seek something that exudes the vitality of a living being. NextDesk creates soul through its quest to capture the dynamic beauty of life beyond the confines of conventional design.

A carefully designed human-machine interface makes your standing desk a more enjoyable experience. Press a soft touch button and watch NextDesk glide effortlessly from sitting to standing height in seconds. With over 200 possible sitting and standing positions, the perfect ergonomic position is just seconds away.

bamboo standing desk

The Standing Desk as a Work of Art

The Obsessive Attention to Detail!

Seeing one our standing desks should invoke feelings you get from seeing a work of art. Driven by an obsessive attention to detail, the desk as we know it has been reinvented. Breathing life into the desk actually creates an emotional bond between owner and their desk. Perhaps the editor at Cult of Mac expressed it best in this piece.

A tradition of old world craftsmanship is a critical element in the artistry. From the moment you unwrap your NextDesk, you’ll sense our passion and commitment to the art of creating desks with soul.

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Sustainable Desktop Materials

Genuine Solid Bamboo and Recycled Solid Aluminum

With NextDesk, you’ll never have to settle for particle board, plastic laminate or edge banding. Taking a much different path, NextDesk standing desks features highly sustainable solid Bamboo to combine elegant warmth with exceptional durability. Natural bamboo is the most easily replenished and sustainable material on the planet. And it’s an exceptional writing surface—40% harder than oak and 2.5 times more dimensionally stable. If you’re looking for contemporary sophistication, choose NextDesk Air with its one-quarter inch solid aluminum desktop. More a work of art than simply a desk, the Air top surface is so amazingly thin that it appears to float on air.

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Silky Smooth Movements are Standard

Microprocessor Controlled Height Adjustment

From the moment you touch the button, NextDesk begins and ends each controlled motion with an elegant glide. Although each silky smooth transition appears effortless and controlled yet the desktop moves at an amazing 1.7 inches per second. Highly efficient and virtually silent, NextDesk adjusts 54% faster.

This best-in-class lifting speed is made possible by dual 18 volt DC motors and an advanced microprocessor controller. Both speed and proximity of each actuator are precisely measured and adjusted many times each second. The result is perfect harmony.

The figures speak for themselves. Depending on the model, NextDesk is conservatively rated to lift 315 - 630 lbs. All NextDesk standing desks feature a reliable and proven chain drive system to transmit the power into motion. Drive chains are preferred when power delivery and reliability are critical. Unlike belts, chains are quiet and can’t slip.

adjustable desk movements

Choose Standard or Build Custom

Make your NextDesk a One and Only

NextDesk is available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. And as a US based manufacturer, NextDesk can custom build a standing desk to suit your unique space and style. Whether you choose the Terra for the warmth of bamboo or Air with its revolutionary design, your custom NextDesk will be amazing to look at and even more amazing to use.

custom air pro

Cutting Edge Standing Desk Options

Eight Unique Options that Work in Perfect Harmony

NextDesk offers eight unique options to make your NextDesk uniquely you. The most popular option is the NextSpace 6-way keyboard platform. Based on years of ergonomic research, NextSpace helps you achieve the perfect keyboard placement at any position.

The latest addition to Nextdesk is the Artisan bar. Seeing an Artisan in person will likely invoke feelings you get from seeing a work of art. What makes the patent pending design so unique is the sculpted aluminum and shifting light reflections as the brushed aluminum catches the light.

Our engineers developed a manufacturing process that is our most complex and ambitious. Starting with aluminum, we carefully and precisely bend each radius without damage to the aluminum’s shape or grain structure. The patent pending design of the Artisan bar achieves an extraordinary level of fit and finish reminiscent of old-world craftsmanship.

The best sounding option comes from the Harman Kardon® Integrated Sound System. With a stunning transparent, minimalist design, it catches your eye without being a distraction. The three piece 2.1-channel multimedia system features an under desk down-firing powered subwoofer, eight full-range transducers, and 40 watts of clean amplification.

standing desk options

It's Simple Evolution

Standing Desks are Good for You

You’re probably wondering why everyone is talking about the revolution taking place with standing desks. It’s no surprise that sitting all day can cause a stiff neck and a sore back. But recent studies have found that constant sitting may cause obesity, heart disease and diabetes. But perhaps it was the Harvard study that provided the biggest wake-up call – researchers found that too much sitting can shorten your lifespan.

The good news is there is no need to give up your hi-tech tether or change your career path. Simply stand up. Health experts recommend alternating between standing and sitting throughout your day. It doesn’t take much. Experts tell us that standing as little as two hours extra per day will boost your energy, metabolism, and burn an extra 340 calories. The benefits are clear. NextDesk believes there is room for desks to evolve further, in a way that takes the way we live, work and play to a new level. Our mission is to achieve the best possible level of performance and further the evolution of the desk.

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