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NextDesk Terra

Genuine solid bamboo. Beautiful, unique and
highly sustainable.

NextDesk Frame System

The NextDesk power lift system brings your desk to life while keeping all hardware elegantly hidden inside the column. With best-in-class speed at 1.7 inches/sec, a programmable memory system, best-in-class height range, soft-start / soft-stop technology, it’s no wonder why NextDesk gets the best ratings from leading technology review sites. NextDesk offers stylish finishes and options to make the NextDesk uniquely yours. Create your own custom NextDesk based on your personal style.

adjustable desk lift system

Advanced Power Adjustable Height

Each Terra features a state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled lift system that moves the desktop up and down quickly and quietly. Terra moves at a best-in-class 1.7 inches per second. Equally impressive is the fact that these advanced motors are seamlessly concealed inside the desk columns and out of sight. Simply press one of the soft touch buttons and watch your NextDesk Terra glide smoothly and silently from your typical office desk to a standing desk in seconds. NextDesk Terra starts each movement slowly and gently glides to a stop when complete. No jerking. No jolting. You won’t have to pause what you’re doing or even worry about spilling your morning coffee. Plus, the NextDesk Terra makes each transition quietly, so you won't interrupt your neighbors.

lifing column desk adjustable

Digital LED Memory Controller

Thanks to soft touch convex and concave buttons, there's no need to interrupt what you're doing to change your position. Now adjustments can be made by simply feeling the correct button. And once you've found that perfect height for sitting or standing, getting back to it couldn't be easier, thanks to three programmable memory buttons. Perfect for multiple users, a clear LED digital display lets you know the exact position of your NextDesk Terra. With 267 different positions, you and anyone lucky enough to borrow your NextDesk Terra are sure to find the perfect height for any task.

digital desk controller

Recycled Solid Aluminum Frame

Every Terra features a solid recycled aluminum frame available in five unique finishes. We are often asked why NextDesk chose aluminum when steel is much cheaper. That's because no other material in the world compares to aluminum when it comes to strength, sustainability and visual beauty. Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the earth's crust and recycled aluminum uses just 5% of the energy required to make new aluminum, with no change in quality. It has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal, it is non-corrosive, and let’s face it, it looks awesome when it's brushed and anodized.

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Easy on the Environment

The greatest environmental challenge facing the furniture industry today is the presence of formaldehyde. The vast majority of desks are made from pressed wood products, laminate, veneer or MDF. Although most countries still allow use of these substances, we've already eliminated each of them from NextDesk Terra and all NextDesk products. We've also eliminated the use of solvent-based paints, putting NextDesk years ahead. U.S.-based design and assembly allows for tight control and monitoring of how NextDesk is manufactured, ensuring that both our customers and our workers are safe.

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