New Form.
New Potential.

NextDesk Terra 2s

Bold new form meets all new function. The Terra 2S boasts autonomous movement, collision avoidance and integrated storage solutions supported by the most stable power lifting system available.


NextDesk 2s Frame System

Settling for “good enough” isn’t part of our mantra at NextDesk. Building off the success of the first generation frame and lifting system, our engineers have brought a new level of precision, power, and effortless speed to the 2S lifting columns.

The all-new 2S is built for superior strength, stability, and speed. After an in-depth analysis of the forces placed on desk components, the power lifting columns were rotated by 45 degrees. In addition to being an eye catching feature, this rotation dramatically increases the width of the mounting points. Wider mounting points means a stronger connection across a wider distance. The result is a wider footprint, transforming the Terra 2S into the most stable two column desk we’ve ever tested.

Terra 2s Frame system

Autonomous Movement

For the first time ever, autonomous movement is now standard in every 2S. New collision-avoidance hardware and software allow the 2S to move continuously at a single touch of a button. You no longer need to hold the button down to transition to your optimal height. Just program your desired height into the digital memory control panel, press and release the button, and 2s will transition to the new height in seconds.

autonomous movement
Terra 2s Loft and Nest

The Nest

Clever Quick-Access Storage

The Terra 2S allows you to keep your most important tools close without taking up valuable space on your desktop. The optional Nest storage space adds up to a massive 2,448 cubic inches of quick-access space below your desktop. Store your favorite electronics, tools, and supplies within arm’s reach while maintaining the clean, uncluttered look of your desktop. Add the Nest compartment for additional storage space right where you need it.

The Loft

Second Space Desktop Platform

With the new Terra 2S, we introduce the all-new Loft second space for your desktop. The aluminum and bamboo perfectly coordinate with the 2s while increasing the surface area of your desktop by a remarkable 29%. This massive platform positions your monitor at the ideal ergonomic height, and is large enough to accommodate other accessories like speakers while freeing up valuable desktop space. Loft features an oversized grommet hole trimmed in matching aluminum to keep all your cables under control and neatly organized.

Artful Stability

The 2S Artisan Bar: Artful Stability.

While the 2S is designed for maximum stability without a crossbar, the additional rigidity provided by the Artisan Bar is undeniable. No engineer can escape the laws of physics - adding a crossbar makes any design even stronger. Maintaining the form and function philosophy, the Artisan Bar is sculpted from half-inch thick solid aluminum. Each artful bend in the aluminum is made with 60 tons of force. The Artisan Bar is positioned for maximum effect - low near the floor and out of the way. The end result is a one-of-a-kind sculpted aluminum beauty. The brushed aluminum catches the reflection of lights, delivering a finishing touch like no other.

Standing Desk New Solutions

New Solutions. Same Standards.

Maintaining the NextDesk standard of seamless movement with the added weight of storage was top priority for our engineers. Internal software and hardware power the desk smoothly through its transitions as all-new internal Glide Pads reduce friction to ensure there are no distracting oscillations, vibrations or sounds. An all-new electro-mechanical design minimizes vibration during transition for faultless accuracy and near silent transitions. Soft-start and soft-stop capabilities mean the 2S will never experience jerky movements or clicking transition noises.

Active Standing Desk Safety Protection

Active Safety Protection

For the engineers at NextDesk, a new desk design isn’t just about being more powerful and beautiful; it’s about achieving a new level of precision in safety measures. For an autonomously moving desk, an effective collision avoidance system is essential to user safety—a category in which NextDesk already excels.

NextDesk engineers have developed Active Safety Protection (ASP), a revolutionary anti-collision technology. This advanced hardware-based system places integrated sensors into the columns for more precise and reliable obstacle detection. This hardware-based solution is more sensitive and responsive than software only systems.

Because ASP employs both hardware and software sensors, obstacles and mechanical overloads are quickly detected. This ensures that movement stops within milliseconds of obstacle detection, and the desktop is automatically reversed away from the obstacle.

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